Mitral Valve Disease (MVD) Animation

Agency: W2O Client: Boehringer Ingelheim

This unbranded animation is meant to raise awareness and give dog owners an overview of Mitral Valve Disease. MVD is the most common heart disease experienced by man's best friend. It involves smooth valves becoming thick, lumpy, distorted and leaky and often goes undiagnosed. If you love dogs like we do, please ask your vet about MVD! We were pleased by the request to show our hero Schnauzer au naturale with ears uncropped and tail undocked.

This project was fun in that most of the pharma stories we get to create are focused on people. An important note, while they are very similar, the canine heart is structurally different from ours. We provided storyboards, design and illustration followed by animation with a custom score (it really makes a difference). We also handled casting and recording VO talent.

We animated this colorful style primarily in 2D with a lot of negative space and flat fills. C4D was used for the CG of the heart cutaways.

A quick process overview (we started with a supplied script).

Rough StoryBoards

rough boards.jpgColor StoryBoards

color boards.jpg

Style Exploration

style v1.jpg