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Have you ever produced a 15 minute TV episode? How about one that has about a million possible paths through it? Thanks to, we got to develop not one, but seven! We're not certain exactly how many total minutes of possible run time there are, but trust us when we say the number is astronomical.

We had the pleasure of working with the team at That Moment When, Olive Bridge Entertainment and Eko to develop seven episodes on the Eko platform. Over the course of development, we did a little bit of everything: from UX consultation and game play development to UI illustration and animation, and then a ton of development within the platform itself.

All episodes of “That Moment When” are now available at, on Facebook, and via the Eko iOS mobile app. Starring Milana Vayntrub (“This Is Us,” Squirrel Girl in Marvel’s upcoming ”The New Warriors”) and directed by  Sandeep Parikh (“The Guild” and “The Legend of Neil”), the seven-episode series follows Jill, a twenty-something struggling to make her way through life’s awkward moments. Viewers help direct Jill’s path through the maze of her social life, making choices along the way that result in hilarious, and sometimes cringe-worthy, outcomes.

We enjoyed our most recent foray in interactive video and were impressed by the platform and amused by the stories. We were responsible for developing the episodes on the Eko platform and UI illustration. We also helped where needed with UX, game logic and even some animation and post support.

A big thanks to the talented teams that we worked with. If you are reading this and would like help planning or building on the Eko platform we’re happy to help.

You can check out all of the episodes here:

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Some of the many, many UI Assets we created over the course of development

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